At Minneapolis Headshots, the questions we get asked most frequently are in regards to which clothing looks the best on-camera, especially from our female clients. In many cases, something that may look nice in person may not look so great in a headshot. With these concerns in mind, here is a collection of the dos and don’ts of shirt selection to prepare you for your session.

DO: Choose a top with a clean, smooth neckline that lies smooth and flat.

DON’T: Choose a top with a lot of ruching or folds around the neckline, as that can often look bulky or messy in a headshot (i.e. cowl necks, turtlenecks, anything with pleating). Again it may be something that looks great in-person, but on-camera may look a little untidy.

Here’s a great illustration (from that shows the different types of necklines.

DO: Make sure that, if you are opting for a collared shirt, it is freshly ironed and lies smooth underneath a blazer or suit jacket. Jackets do a great job of pulling an ensemble together and looking clean, but it is noticeable if the shirt underneath is bunching or wrinkling.

DO: Bring small, subtle jewelry with if it’s something you consistently wear. If larger jewelry is your go-to, feel free to bring it along and we can discuss it when we consult on your outfit.

DON’T: Wear jewelry that is too flashy or trendy, as it may not translate the same way a year or two from now. We don’t want your jewelry stealing the spotlight in your headshot!

Since a headshot or portrait is typically taken from the shoulders or waist up, the most important part of your clothing choice lies in the neckline. We recommend trying on your choices before coming in and paying close attention to how your neckline looks from different angles. We do have outfit consultation before each session, so feel free to bring options and we can help make your headshot as eye-catching as possible!

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