Having a professional business headshot is essential these days. Whether you hold an executive or corporate title or whether you’re a realtor, florist, or web designer. It is even wise for college students to get one while job hunting. Having a business portrait shows that you are professional and career-oriented. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin also offer a place to promote yourself and your business.

You might wonder how to prepare for your session. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

1. Think about what type of look you want for your headshot. Do you want a traditional look? A contemporary, edgy look? Or maybe you’re unsure. Discuss this with your photographer before the session so you get the look you want.

2. Don’t drastically change your image before the session (i.e. haircut, shaving a beard you’ve had for many years). If you need a trim, be sure to schedule it a few weeks before the session.

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3. Choose a few outfits to wear for your shoot. Stay away from clothing that is too “busy.” Choose flattering colors and avoid stripes and prints. Make sure all shirts you choose have a nice, clean looking neckline. Darker colors will minimize and brighter colors will draw attention.

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4. Consider getting your hair and/or make-up professionally done. A good make-up artist will know how to make you look your best and help tone down wrinkles and enhance your eyes.

Minneapolis Headshots

5. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Looking well rested is very important.

6. Feel free to wear your favorite jewelry pieces. If you want a timeless look, I suggest staying away from flashy jewelry or anything that would distract too much from your face.

7. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin looking its best. Staying hydrated can make you look younger, fresher and overall more attractive.

Minneapolis Headshots

8. Iron or steam your clothes. You need to look your best, and a wrinkled shirt will make you look unprofessional.

9. If desired, bring your favorite music or a supportive friend to the session. Having something or someone familiar will help you feel at ease. If you wish to have music at your session, just let me know your favorite artist or style and I’ll arrange for that.

10. And finally, relax! The more relaxed you are, the better and more natural looking your photo will be.

Minneapolis Headshots


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