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Contact: Sarah Pierce

Telephone: (612) 234-2714


MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (March 12, 2020)Sarah Pierce Photography/Minneapolis Headshots has opened a second studio space located in Minneapolis near 94 and Broadway. The new studio address is 2400 North 2nd Street, Suite 305, Minneapolis, MN 55411. 

Always looking to make her clients’ experience smoother, Sarah wanted to open a location in Minneapolis. A five minute drive from downtown Minneapolis, the studio is easily accessible and has free parking.  

The new location is a spacious 2,300 square feet and is located in the historic Northwind Lofts Building. It features original hardwood floors from 1881, exposed brick walls, and an abundance of natural light. The studio also offers a beautiful and private dressing area and make up station. Professional make-up services are also available with each session. 

Sarah Pierce Photography/Minneapolis Headshots specializes in professional headshots across all industries. With the ubiquitous presence of LinkedIn and Google, virtually every working professional and those looking to jump into the job market can benefit from a professional headshot that sets their profile apart yet captures their unique personality.

Sarah and her Associate Photographer, Erik, take the time to sit down and talk with every client before the session begins to get an understanding of what they’re looking for. Sarah and Erik are a master at balancing the clients’ wishes with their own artistic skill to capture the best possible photos, made more convenient with the new studio location.

For more information, contact Sarah Pierce at (612) 234-2714

Email:, or visit their website at


Sarah Pierce Photography and Minneapolis Headshots is located in Minnetonka, right off of Highway 494 and Highway 62.
Our 1,200 square foot, full service studio has everything you need including a private dressing room, make-up station, full length mirror, free beverages and WiFi.

Opt to have one of our professional makeup artists help you look your best!


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Recently, Patty came in for an updated headshot. “I really love my old headshot.”, she said as she pulled it up on her phone to show me. “When was was that taken?”, I asked. “Oh, at least 10 years ago.”, she admitted. I struggled to focus my eyes on the dated headshot. The resolution was blurry and the style was reminiscent of a church directory photo. At the urging of her marketing director, Patty reluctantly agreed to be photographed.

linkedin headshot

You might be like Patty who has held on to an old photo for so long that it no longer looks like you. Trust me, you are not doing yourself any favors by using a dated photo. In our modern age, your web presence is even more valuable. When someone looks you up online and finds a dated photo with a mottled backdrop, they are going to wonder if you are up to date with your skills. If something as important as your headshot looks old, and more importantly if it doesn’t really look like you, they might not trust you or think you aren’t up for the task.

Here are some reasons why you should update your headshot:

1. It’s been more than 3 years old since you had one taken (or 10+, like Patty!)
2. You look different (new hairstyle/hair color, lost or gained weight, etc)
3. Your current headshot was not taken by a professional photographer
4. Your current headshot was taken at a party, wedding, event, etc
5. You had to crop someone else out of your current photo

At Minneapolis Headshots, we can help you capture the best possible photo. Flattering, yet still the authentic you. Visit our website to learn more.

When preparing for your headshot session, you may ask, “what kind of backdrop should I use?” We’re glad you asked! Most of our headshots are photographed on a seamless, clean backdrop for optimum effect on social media platforms and websites. This way, you are the focal point and there’s nothing distracting behind you competing for attention. Here are a few of our most popular backdrops:

headshot backdrops

However, there are sometimes when you might want something more visually interesting for your website or marketing materials. Here are some options in and around our studio:

lifestyle portraits

Whatever your needs, Minneapolis Headshots has you covered! From traditional to contemporary. From lifestyle to fun. We love working with you to help capture your best shot!

Our full service studio located in Minnetonka, right off of Hwy 494 and 62. We are about 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and just minutes from many cities such as Edina, Bloomington, Plymouth, Golden Valley and Eden Prairie.

Click here to learn more about our headshot packages and pricing.

William Shakespeare once said “The eyes are the window to your soul.” I also believe they are the window to your authentic self. When I see a portrait or a headshot, I’m immediately drawn to the eyes. If the eyes have a blank stare or a “deer in headlights” look, I know the person is being inauthentic. And that’s not their fault! It’s the photographer’s job to help draw out that authentic smile. It can be tough to do and it does require cooperation and energy from the subject as well.

Take a look at the photos below. The one on the left is a nice photo. She has a very pleasing smile and upon first glance, you may not notice anything off about it. Now look at the photo on the right. A similar smile but now look at the eyes. Her eyes are smiling! She looks genuinely happy. She looks authentic. She looks like someone I’d like to do business with.

authentic headshot

Next time you smile for the camera, think about smiling with your eyes and see what a difference it makes. Let your authentic self shine.