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Sarah Pierce Photography and Minneapolis Headshots is located in Minnetonka, right off of Highway 494 and Highway 62.
Our 1,200 square foot, full service studio has everything you need including a private dressing room, make-up station, full length mirror, free beverages and WiFi.

Opt to have one of our professional makeup artists help you look your best!


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Recently, Patty came in for an updated headshot. “I really love my old headshot.”, she said as she pulled it up on her phone to show me. “When was was that taken?”, I asked. “Oh, at least 10 years ago.”, she admitted. I struggled to focus my eyes on the dated headshot. The resolution was blurry and the style was reminiscent of a church directory photo. At the urging of her marketing director, Patty reluctantly agreed to be photographed.

linkedin headshot

You might be like Patty who has held on to an old photo for so long that it no longer looks like you. Trust me, you are not doing yourself any favors by using a dated photo. In our modern age, your web presence is even more valuable. When someone looks you up online and finds a dated photo with a mottled backdrop, they are going to wonder if you are up to date with your skills. If something as important as your headshot looks old, and more importantly if it doesn’t really look like you, they might not trust you or think you aren’t up for the task.

Here are some reasons why you should update your headshot:

1. It’s been more than 3 years old since you had one taken (or 10+, like Patty!)
2. You look different (new hairstyle/hair color, lost or gained weight, etc)
3. Your current headshot was not taken by a professional photographer
4. Your current headshot was taken at a party, wedding, event, etc
5. You had to crop someone else out of your current photo

At Minneapolis Headshots, we can help you capture the best possible photo. Flattering, yet still the authentic you. Visit our website to learn more.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathy Longo for the last 5 years. She is a successful Financial Planner who has released a book called “Flourish Financially”. The subject of money and financial planning can be a tough topic but Kathy breaks it down in an easy to understand way.

author portrait book

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Are you an author looking for a stellar headshot? Please contact me today!

Contact: Sarah Pierce
Telephone: (612) 234-2714

MINNETONKA, Minnesota (April 17, 2017) – Sarah Pierce Photography/Minneapolis Headshots has relocated to new studio space in Minnetonka near the corner of Highway 62 and Interstate 494. Previously located in Eden Prairie off of Flying Cloud Drive and Shady Oak Road, the new studio address is 12301 Whitewater Drive, Suite 105, Minnetonka, MN 55343.

Always looking to enhance her clients’ experience and optimize their photography session, Sarah was able to work with an architect to develop studio space that is designed with her clients’ needs in mind. The studio is 1,200 square feet and is handicapped accessible.

The new location features floor to ceiling windows which allows for natural lighting in the studio and the building is nestled in a beautifully wooded natural setting complete with walking trails. This outdoor setting will make an excellent backdrop for those who want to add a more casual photo to their session. The studio also offers a beautiful and private dressing area and make up station. Professional make-up services are also available with each session.

Sarah Pierce Photography/Minneapolis Headshots specializes in professional headshots across all industries. With the ubiquitous presence of LinkedIn and Google, virtually every working professional and those looking to jump into the job market can benefit from a professional headshot that sets their profile apart yet captures their unique personality.

Sarah and her assistant Lauren take the time to sit down and talk with every client before the session begins to get an understanding of what they’re looking for. Sarah is a master at balancing the clients’ wishes with her own artistic skill to capture the best possible photos, made simpler with the accomodations in her new studio.

For more information, contact Sarah Pierce at (612) 234-2714
Email:, or visit their website at

Kathy is the President and Founder of Flourish Wealth Management. As a highly successful business owner and an all-around delightful person, we love to work with her and her team!

Flourish Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm in Edina that provides hands-on expertise focused solely on the best interest of each client. Our proactive approach integrates industry-leading financial solutions as well as new and innovative strategies. Flourish serves a dedicated group of clients through highly personal relationships. We listen. We ask the right questions. Taking the time to learn all the important details of life, including aspirations, values and passions, we can skillfully integrate all available resources to create expertly tailored planning. It is a place to Flourish!