July 15, 2009

As a communications major, one of the requirements was to take a photography class. I jumped at the opportunity. Borrowing my brother’s trusty 35mm film camera, I ventured out to capture anything and everything that looked interesting through the lens. I remember one day climbing up a huge rock to get that perfect shot. It started raining so I ran for cover. Trying my best to get down the steep rock, I ended up slipping and falling all the way down. My first thought was, “my camera…err…my brother’s camera!” I guarded that 35mm with my life–literally. One sprained ankle and one very wet photographer later, the camera was just fine. It never left my grip. It was then that I realized how much I loved photography. I never did tell my brother about that incident. I wonder if he still has that old camera?

Twenty years later, (now armed with my own cameras!) I am still loving it. The world of digital photography has opened up even more doors now and I enjoy every minute. Will I venture up rocks to get that perfect shot? Maybe (after all, it is 20 years later!). And will I still guard my camera with my life? Yes. Because it is my life.

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