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Downtown Minneapolis Headshots

Minneapolis Headshots is Heading Downtown!

*COMING SOON!* Minneapolis Headshots is setting up a portable studio downtown!

It never gets old seeing the beautiful city skyline as you enter downtown Minneapolis. I took this photo to the right with my iPhone yesterday (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!) I’ve taken many photos similar to this one before as I have been downtown many times for on-location photoshoots at various companies. Why is this one so different?

Well, we are excited to announce that starting in October, we will be offering sessions right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. As a small business, this is a little scary but we want to see if we can generate enough interest. I’ll still be keeping my current studio and clients will be able to choose the location for their session when they sign up.

More information coming soon as we finalize the details but in the meantime, it would mean so much if you could spread the word!

Do you have any feedback for me? Please comment on this blog post and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for all of your support!

LinkedIn Minneapolis Headshots

Making Your LinkedIn Photo POP!

So you got a great headshot and you’re ready to upload it to LinkedIn. Take advantage of their cropping tool and frame it around your face. You’ll want the focus to be mostly on your face. As people are scrolling along LinkedIn, a professional photo that is focused mostly on the face will POP!

I love business portraits that are not so close-up. That’s why most of the images I deliver will not be cropped that tightly. I believe those are good for framing, for business websites, and other platforms. But for your LinkedIn photo, you’ll want it cropped a little tighter.

Minneapolis Headshots Discounts

Discount for Repeat Clients

I’ve owned my photography business for seven years now and have been really busy photographing business headshots for the last three years. I realize that maybe those of you from a year or more ago may want to update your headshot. If so, please come back! I am offering a 25% discount off my already competitive prices for past clients. This applies to the Basic, Premium, or Ultra session.

*not valid on Friends/Co-Workers Special. Also not valid on family, high school senior, pet photography, or child photography. No refunds on past sessions.

Sarah Pierce Photography

More than Headshots

Did you know that I also offer high school senior, child, family, and pet photography? These are priced a little differently than my headshot pricing so be sure to check it out at

Thank you! I appreciate each and every one of you!