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Do you need a professional business portrait without the traditional studio set-up? Consider the great outdoors! While I do like to capture some in-studio that are more traditional, we can also step outside my studio for some colorful, more relaxed shots! Here are just a few examples below:

Bonus: these look awesome as LinkedIn profile photos too!

I had the pleasure of photographing the Johnson family at a Minnetonka Park on a beautiful Friday morning. I’ve been photographing them since the kids were babies and it’s always such an honor and pleasure to be able to watch them grow. It was even more special this time because Grandma had traveled all the way from Ohio to visit!

Professional hair and make-up is a great add-on to your professional headshot session. I work with only the best hair and make-up artists in the industry. They can help you relax and look your best.

Why would I need to have someone else do my hair and make-up? I don’t even like wearing make-up and I don’t want to look “made up”.

This is precisely why you need to use a professional. A really good make-up artist will help even out skin tones, hide blemishes, and help you look “fresh”. Never will you look “made up”.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting your hair and make-up done professionally.

1. You rarely wear make-up or are not sure how to apply it.
If you don’t normally wear much make-up, don’t experiment right before your photoshoot.

2. You have skin imperfections (blemishes, discoloration, etc)
And really, who doesn’t?!

3. You could use a little help in the hair department.
Who couldn’t use a little more volume or help with those frizzies.

4. You want to feel relaxed and confident before the photoshoot.
Most clients spend about an hour with the hair and make-up artist prior to the photoshoot. When they are ready to be photographed, they often tell me they feel more relaxed and they feel good about themselves. This makes for a quicker and more efficient photoshoot which results in more authentic and natural looking photos.

5. You want to go out on the town later that night with spouse, friends, etc. and want to look GOOD.
Ok, so maybe this is just a perk but really, you should because you will look AMAZING!