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In this day and age, DIY (do-it-yourself) is all the rage. There is the DIY Network where they will teach you everything from fixing a drippy faucet to remodeling a kitchen. There is a plethora of DIY projects on the internet. Just do a google search of “DIY”. I’m all for smaller, fun DIY projects. For example, I love making fun teacher gifts with my kids. I’ve learned some fun crafts from some great DIY websites. I’ve even helped my husband install a simple light fixture in our home. I have to admit, it felt pretty good saving money and doing it ourselves! The trick is to know when to DIY and when not to DIY.

You might find it tricky to take your own portrait for your professional networks. Asking your friend, co-worker, or neighbor to do it for you might work but it probably won’t deliver the professional results you want. When it comes to your online presence, it matters. When it comes to your potential employer, it matters. When it comes to how seriously people take you in the professional world, it matters. Here are some qualities of a good, professional portrait:

1. Lighting – Is the image dark? Is it too bright? Is it dull? Is the color accurate? The subject should be lit properly and the lighting should be pleasing to the eye.
2. In-focus – Is the image blurry? Can you clearly see the person’s features? The subject should look sharp and in-focus.
3. Facial expression – Does the person look uncomfortable? Unpleasant? The subject should look comfortable, confident, and clean.
4. Background – Is there a distracting person or object in the background? The subject should be the main focus.

These are just a few of the qualities your professional image should portray. Whether you are an executive, corporate professional, or a recent college grad looking for a job.

So go get your ribbon, cardstock, and gel pens. Make some cute DIY projects for your kid’s teacher. Buy a wrench and fix that leaky faucet. But please, use a professional to get a clean, crisp, beautifully lit portrait. You’ll be glad you did.

2012 Holiday Mini Sessions

Can you believe it’s November already? The holidays are fast approaching. So many things to do! Never fear….Holiday Mini Sessions are here! Sarah Pierce Photography will make it quick and easy for you. These mini-sessions are designed to get you in and out the door in 30 minutes. About a week after the session, you will enjoy a custom slideshow and a beautiful gallery of images to choose from–right from the comfort of your own home! You will have 5 days to choose your favorites.

You’re going to want to book your session very quickly as cards take time to create and print and you’ll want them in plenty of time for the holidays.

Please click the photo to schedule your session online!

Please note, I am only doing a limited amount of these sessions this year.

Here are some details:

Package 1 – $75
20 minute in-studio session
5-10 images to choose from
One digital image
up to 4 people
Package 2 – $125
20 minute in-studio session
5-10 images to choose from
One digital image
25 Photo Holiday Cards (one-sided)
up to 6 people
Package 3 – $200
20 minute in-studio session
5-10 images to choose from
Two digital images
50 Photo Holiday Cards (one-sided)
up to 6 people
Choose from 2 backdrops:
Soft Cream or Smokey Gray
(props and other fun items available too!)