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Recently, I came across a great article by Carlo Pandian and wanted to provide some before-and-after examples of my work to reinforce the importance of using a professional headshot, not only for your LinkedIn profile, but across your entire social media presence. Carlo starts by saying:

Imagine that you are a HR manager looking through some applicants for a position at your company. You have examined their CVs and their covering letters and now you are having a look at their LinkedIn profiles.

You examine two very similar candidates who both have the experience and qualifications for the job. One of the candidates has a professional headshot on their LinkedIn profile, depicting themselves looking confident and capable and professionally dressed. The other candidate has a headshot which looks like it might have been cropped out of a Facebook photo with them and their friends. It is slightly poor quality and too dark and they are dressed for a casual evening at the bar rather than a day at the office. Which online profile are you likely to be more impressed with? Which candidate would you assume is more serious about their career?

The picture above demonstrate a clear and compelling difference between a non-professional headshot and a professional one. Carlo continued by saying,

Adding a professional headshot to your online social media profiles can make a huge difference in how you are perceived. It will give your online presence a clean and professional look and will increase your credibility. It will also help to establish your online brand and allow people to connect your virtual identity with your face. In this sense, it is definitely worth hiring a professional portrait photographer to get some high quality photos of yourself that you can use online.

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