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Here are a couple of examples of some Open House cards and 411 Cards that I have done for Seniors. I have lots of designs to choose from. The 411 cards are like business cards for seniors. They are great because seniors can give them to their friends and they contain lots of info such as their open house date and time…and also their contact info (email, phone numbers, etc). This is a great way for friends to keep in touch!

I photographed this beautiful family yesterday. They were such a pleasure to work with and baby “G” was cute as can be!

Safe in Daddy’s arms:

Sweet, sweet family:

Thank you “J” family for allowing me to capture your little one. Hope Grandma was able to see this before she went back home! 🙂

Tired of the ordinary? Sarah Pierce Photography offers unique, custom cards. Here’s some new cards hot off the press. These clients wanted traditional, elegant invitations with their own personal touch.

The cards were printed on a textured linen paper–gorgeous!