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Farewell, Nicholas Way

September 22, 2008

Two years ago, we relocated and found a small but comfortable townhome on Nicholas Way. We anticipated this home to be a temporary residence for our growing family of four plus dog. We ended up staying longer and soon called this place home sweet home.

We have since outgrown this home and the time has come to move on. Here is a tribute to Nicholas Way. We won’t forget the memories (good and bad!).

Some of the sites around our home:

And finally, the kids (standing on our balcony) pay tribute to good ol’ Nicholas Way.

Changing Seasons

September 13, 2008

There’s nothing like taking a walk and stumbling across something so beautiful you find yourself running home to get your camera. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday. This sunflower’s days are numbered as we head towards a cool fall and eventually the cruel, cold winter that comes with living in MN. This sunflower I’m sure had been even more beautiful in its youth. But I still found beauty in this tall sunflower that was slowly losing its petals.

This pine tree reminded me of the cold winter that is yet to come. Are we ever truly prepared for it?

Lastly, this leaf had already changed to red for fall. I thought it was so simple yet pretty hanging there all alone.